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Southern Cross health insurance affiliated Osteopath & easy-claim provider

We make healthcare stress free. If you have Southern Cross health insurance, you can claim your osteopathy consultation with is through easy-claim using your membership number.

Southern Cross Osteopath West Auckland

Southern Cross cover for Osteopathy

Finding affordable and dependable healthcare coverage can present a considerable hurdle when seeking treatment.


Luckily, Southern Cross Health Society provides various insurance plans that guarantee timely access to the necessary treatments.


So that you can make an informed decision about your healthcare needs, we have outlined some key information about Southern Cross's coverage options for osteopathy.

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What does Southern Cross Cover?

Depending on your insurance plan, you may be eligible for full or partial coverage for your osteopathic treatment. With some plans, Southern Cross covers a percentage of your treatment, while others cover the entire cost of your consultation. The great thing about being an easy-care provider is that we are able to tell you at the end of your consultation how much Southern Cross is going to cover and how much you will have to pay. We are then able to bill Southern Cross directly and you only pay the difference. 

Who are Southern Cross providers?

Our experienced team of Osteopaths are all Southern Cross Easy-Claim providers. They are also ACC providers registered with the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand. This means you can have the peace of mind that you are in capable hands, and there are a number of payment options available for most injuries and complaints. 

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