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Southern Cross Health Insurance and Osteopathy

Navigating the costs surrounding your health can be daunting when injuries or illnesses occur. This blog looks at one of the proactive steps you can take, health insurance, to give yourself extra peace of mind.

In New Zealand, we have a comprehensive system for injuries through ACC and an accessible public health system. However, there are times when ACC will not cover you, and/or you may prefer medical intervention sooner than available on the public system.

This is where Southern Cross Health Insurance can help. Movement Mechanics Osteopathy in West Auckland is an Easy Claim provider, ensuring your health journey is smooth and uncomplicated.

Southern Cross Easy Claim Osteopath Auckland

Streamlined Easy Claim Process

Choosing an Easy Claim provider, like Movement Mechanics, allows you to unlock a streamlined claiming process that brings ease and convenience. Forget about the hassles of paperwork or waiting periods; Movement Mechanics ensures that your claim is processed swiftly, enabling you to focus on what truly matters – your health and recovery.

We can process claims directly with Southern Cross at the time of our consultation, and we can let you know how much Southern Cross will pay and how much you need to pay.

Southern Cross Osteopath Auckland Ultrasound

Exceptional Osteopathic Treatments at Movement Mechanics

A good osteopath doesn't just provide exceptional clinical skills. They also proactively look at ways to make the treatment process as easy as possible. One of these ways Movement Mechanics osteopathy does this is by ensuring the management of your injury is as efficient as possible. We appreciate that, for many, their policy only covers a certain amount of treatment, and they do not have an endless pool of money to spend on their recovery.

That's why we offer a range of specialised osteopathic treatments aimed at improving mobility, reducing pain, and enhancing overall health, ultimately empowering you to take ownership of your health and get back functioning in the fewest amount of treatments possible. Their comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of your well-being is catered to, guaranteeing effective and long-lasting results.

Southern Cross Wellness

Proactively Managing Your Health

Being a Southern Cross member gives people the opportunity to be proactive with their health when they are well rather than waiting for there to be a significant issue. Regular health screening and proactively managing aches and pains are great ways to stay healthy. Once issues become chronic, typically around the six-week mark, return to function and being pain-free takes longer, costing more time and money.

For those whose issues have become chronic, we provide evidence-based solutions such as Radial Shock Wave Therapy and medical acupuncture in addition to osteopathic treatment to help get you back moving as quickly as possible.

Southern Cross Osteopathy longevity

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