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Emerging Trends in Osteopathy and Manual Therapy for 2024

Updated: Feb 29


As we approach 2024, the fields of osteopathy and manual therapy are on the brink of transformation, with new trends and innovations shaping the future of these practices. In this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the emerging trends in Osteopathy in Auckland, manual therapy innovations, and the broader future of osteopathy. This guide is designed for practitioners, patients, and enthusiasts alike, offering insights into the exciting developments that are redefining these therapeutic fields.

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Advancements in Osteopathic Techniques and Tools

The osteopathy field is witnessing significant advancements in both techniques and tools. In 2024, expect to see a surge in the use of advanced diagnostic tools and treatment methods that promise more precision and efficacy. From ultrasound imaging to augmented reality for anatomical education, these advancements are set to elevate the standards of osteopathic care.

Emerging Trends in Osteopathic Tools:

  • Enhanced imaging technologies for more accurate diagnoses.

  • Virtual reality applications for patient education and treatment planning.

  • Advanced wearables for monitoring patient progress.

  • A new perspective on existing tools such as acupuncture. Practitioners have utilised modern research to take a medical approach to acupuncture from a neurophysiology perspective, ensuring they can provide treatment that works for their patients. Read more here.

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Manual Therapy Innovations

The realm of manual therapy is not far behind in embracing innovation. New research is leading to developing more effective and less invasive techniques tailored to individual patient needs. These innovations are pivotal in enhancing patient outcomes and ensuring faster recovery.

Manual Therapy Innovations to Look Out For:

  • New soft tissue manipulation techniques based on the latest research findings such as active release therapy and myofascial release.

  • Integration of movement-based therapies for holistic treatment.

  • Enhanced joint mobilisation methods for improved mobility and pain relief. Knowing when and when not to mobilsie joints rather than clicking necks and bacs for the sake of it.

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Integrating Technology into Osteopathy and Manual Therapy

Technology is playing a crucial role in the evolution of osteopathy and manual therapy. In 2024, we are likely to see an increased integration of technology in these fields, leading to more efficient and effective treatments.

Technological Integration Trends:

  • Integration of additional evidence-based treatment tools such as EMS DolorClast® Radial Shock Wave therapy devices. Read more here.

  • Telehealth becoming more prevalent for osteopathic consultations.

  • Use of medical tech for real-time health monitoring and feedback, such as VALD HumanTrak video analysis. Read more here.

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The Rise of Holistic and Preventative Approaches

A significant trend in the future of osteopathy is the shift towards more holistic and preventative health strategies. This approach not only treats existing conditions but also focuses on preventing future health issues, promoting overall well-being and longevity. In recent years, we have seen other medical modalities, such as Doctors or general practitioners (GPs), Physiotherapists and Podiatrists, take a more holistic approach to healthcare in line with what Osteopaths have been doing since the inception of the profession.

Key Aspects of Holistic and Preventative Care:

  • Looking at each patient as an individual and assessing them as a whole, including both physical, psychosocial and lifestyle factors

  • Emphasis on lifestyle and dietary changes for long-term health benefits.

  • Early intervention techniques to prevent chronic conditions.

  • Stress reduction and mental health are becoming integral parts of treatment plans.

  • Identifying contributing and maintaining factors within the musculoskeletal system impacting the presenting complaint.


The year 2024 is set to be a landmark year for osteopathy and manual therapy, with groundbreaking innovations and trends reshaping these fields. From technological advancements to holistic health approaches, the future of osteopathy is bright and promising.

We would love to hear your thoughts on these emerging trends. Are you excited about the new developments in osteopathy and manual therapy? Which trend do you think will have the biggest impact? Share your views in the comments below, and don't forget to participate in our social media polls to gauge public interest in these trends. Let's keep the conversation going and share this article to spread the word about the exciting future of osteopathy and manual therapy!


Jonathan Hall M.Ost, BAppSci (HB), PGCertHSc (Acupuncture) & GradDipHeal

Jonathan Hall is the founder and principle Osteopath at Movement Mechanics Osteopathy and specialises in Shockwave Therapy. A fully qualified Osteopath currently studying Western Medical Acupuncture out of AUT New Zealand, Jonathan founded Auckland Shockwave Therapy to help bring evidence-based Shockwave treatment to New Zealand using the industry-leading EMS Radial Shock Wave device.

Disclaimer: This content is for educational purposes and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

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