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Movement Mechanics Osteopath Clinic Auckland


Our experienced osteopaths work with you to find the underlying cause of pain and dysfunction rather than provide a temporary fix.

We help our patients manage their injuries, remain pain-free and give their bodies a helping hand to heal. We treat muscle aches and pains, sports injuries, joint pain, pregnancy-related muscle pain and a wide range of other issues. We also help those without pain improve their general health. Movement Mechanics Osteopathy Auckland.

West Auckland Osteopath Clinic
199B Lincoln Road
son, West Auckland, 0610

Call: 09 837 1273 (Waitakere Health Hub reception)
Text Only: 027 766 2825

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Movement analysis

We take a holistic, hands-on approach to healthcare, dealing with conditions that impact the body's muscles, connective tissues, nerves, joints, ligaments and tendons.

We look at the relationship between the musculoskeletal structure of the body and its biomechanical function, identifying the underlying cause of pain and dysfunction.​ Whether your pain is acute or chronic we have treatment options to help.

ACC registered & Southern Cross Easy-claim Osteopaths in Auckland

We understand the importance of accessible healthcare. Our team of West Auckland Osteopaths are ACC-registered and Southern Cross easy-claim providers. This means we can help you lodge ACC claims as well as process payments directly with Southern Cross. So if you are searching for an ACC-registered Osteopath near me look no further.

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What our patients have to say about Movement Mechanics Osteopathy & Shockwave Therapy Auckland

Our Osteopaths, are proud to be able to help our patients to better health using hands-on techniques, shockwave therapy and acupuncture. Because we care.

Plantar fasciitis heel pain auckland

Auckland's Shockwave therapy specialists. We use radial shockwave therapy to address superficial sub-acute and chronic issues in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Shockwave therapy is great for helping with pain management and stimulating your damaged tissue healing response. It is highly effective for the treatment of conditions such as plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, patellar tendinopathy, shin splints, tendon pain, knee arthritis pain and painful calcifications.


Not all Shockwave therapy devices are the same

and that's why we chose EMS Swiss DolorClast® Radial Shock Wave machines, which have significantly higher energy outputs compared to other units, especially at higher frequencies. That's why we are Auckland's expert providers of Shockwave Therapy.

Osteopathic movement analysis west auckland

We measure what the eye can't see using VALD HumanTrak Video Movement analysis. 

Movement analysis Auckland

Our clinic uses VALD's HumanTrak Movement Analysis System. It captures objective data to help our patients return to work, play, and life faster and stronger. HumanTrak leverages 3D motion tracking to assess movement quality, balance and stability.


We offer this service as an Osteopathic W.O.F. consultation to help us identify movement dysfunctions before they become injuries. We recommend that you come in for a W.O.F. every three months as a means of injury prevention.

We also use this tool with our athletes to help them return from injury and help improve their sporting performance by fine-tuning their biomechanics.

Movement Analysis Auckland Osteopath
Acupuncture west auckland

We offer Western Medical acupuncture as a treatment tool during our osteopathic consultations. It is based on neuroscience and anatomy, using premium Japanese needles to help facilitate healing, manage chronic pain and treat trigger points.

By incorporating Western medical acupuncture and dry needling techniques with Osteopathy, we can provide more effective treatment for our patients. 


Acupuncture is great for pain management and inflammation associated with knee osteoarthritis and tendon injuries, improving the function of capsular issues and down-regulating overactive muscles. 

Osteopath & Shockwave Therapy Specialist

M.Ost, BAppSci (Human Biology), PGCertHSc (Acupuncture), GradDipHeal. OCNZ, PNZ, PAANZ & ACC Registered

As an Osteopath, I feel it is important to take a holistic, evidence-based approach to healthcare. I treat each patient individually, carefully evaluating their unique presenting complaints and carefully identifying the cause of pain and dysfunction rather than providing a quick temporary fix. I advocate the early intervention of musculoskeletal issues and the use of modern medical imaging to effectively diagnose and make treatments more targeted. For years I have been integrating modern, evidence-based techniques such as Shockwave Therapy to provide my patients with more effective, long-lasting treatment outcomes and having a means of treating sub-acute and chronic issues that actually works.

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