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Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention Using HumanTrak Movement Analysis for The Best Osteopathic Care


At Movement Mechanics Osteopathy Auckland, we strive to lead the way in modern osteopathic practices with advanced technology, which we believe is paramount for delivering exceptional patient care. At Movement Mechanics, we've embraced the cutting-edge capabilities of VALD HumanTrak, a groundbreaking tool in injury rehabilitation and prevention. This innovative system is redefining how we approach movement analysis and patient treatment.

Movement Analysis Auckland

Understanding HumanTrak

VALD HumanTrak is a state-of-the-art 3D movement analysis system designed to capture the nuances of human movement that escape the naked eye. Unlike traditional methods, HumanTrak offers rapid and accurate assessment of various single and multi-joint movements, streamlining the diagnostic process​​. Not only is it a great tool to objectively manage your return from injury, but it is also great as a six-monthly screening tool to identify any dysfunctional movements before they become a problem, just like a warrant of fitness on your car.

Movement analysis osteopath auckland

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Intuitive and Efficient: The VALD Hub, integral to HumanTrak, streamlines patient data collection, significantly reducing the time spent on clinical notes and report writing. This feature allows us to focus more on patient care and less on administrative tasks​​.

  2. Customisable and User-Friendly: With features like the Test Library and Live rep-by-rep analysis, HumanTrak is tailored for efficiency. Its intuitive controls ensure our osteopaths can maintain their focus on the patient, enhancing the quality of care​​.

  3. In-Depth Analysis and Reporting: HumanTrak excels in providing detailed, context-rich analysis. It identifies compensatory movements, offering a comprehensive understanding of a patient’s condition far beyond basic data points​​.

  4. Patient Engagement and Understanding: One of the key advantages of HumanTrak is its ability to make complex data understandable for patients. This transparency fosters greater patient engagement and adherence to their personalised rehabilitation journey​​.

humantrak Osteopath Auckland

Portability and Versatility

HumanTrak's portable kit allows us to perform accurate 3D movement assessments anywhere, making it an indispensable tool for both in-clinic and off-site consultations. This flexibility ensures consistent and high-quality care regardless of location​​. So, if you are a sports team requiring pre-season movement analysis, we can come to you.

Movement Matters

Integrating VALD HumanTrak into our practice at Movement Mechanics Osteopathy represents our commitment to providing the best in injury rehabilitation and prevention. With this technology, we're equipped to deliver precise, personalised treatment plans, helping our patients achieve optimal health and mobility.

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