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Osteopathy for Treating Musculoskeletal Issues: A Guide From Your Local West Auckland Osteopath

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Navigating the world of musculoskeletal complaints can be daunting. However, many West Auckland residents are discovering the proven benefits of osteopathy, a treatment approach deeply grounded in scientific research. With cutting-edge modalities like EMS DolorClast® Shockwave therapy and trusted affiliations such as the Southern Cross and ACC, osteopathy is steadily gaining ground. In this article, we'll delve into the most common musculoskeletal conditions osteopathy can treat, leaning on the firm foundation of published research.

What Is Osteopathy? Movement Mechanics Osteopathy West Auckland

Osteopathy is a holistic approach to healthcare, focusing on the interrelationship between the body's structure and its function. Practitioners use a blend of manual techniques to enhance the body's natural healing ability. Especially if you're in West Auckland, finding a reputable osteopath can be your gateway to optimal musculoskeletal health.

Movement Mechanics Osteopathy West Auckland Neck Sprain

Osteopathy & Lower Back Pain: Recover Faster & Feel Better

A comprehensive study by Licciardone et al., (2013) explored osteopathy as a treatment for lower back pain. The research showed that osteopathy, combined with standard medical care, significantly improved the recovery speed and reduced pain in comparison to standard care alone (Licciardone, J. C., et al., 2013). Beyond pain relief, osteopathic treatments also improved the overall well-being and mental health of patients suffering from chronic lower back pain (Williams, N. H., et al., 2013).

Movement Mechanics Osteopathy West Auckland Back Pain

Osteopathy & Neck Pain: Get Help For That Pain In The Neck

Research suggests that patients receiving Osteopathic Manual Treatment (OMT) for chronic neck pain experienced substantial reductions in neck pain, improved mobility, and decreased medication intake compared to the control group (Licciardone, J. C., & Brimhall, A. K., 2005). Patients undergoing osteopathic treatment for neck pain not only reported reduced discomfort but also demonstrated improved physical function and quality of life over a span of 12 weeks (Anderson, R. E., & Seniscal, C., 2006).

Movement Mechanics Osteopathy West Auckland Neck and shoulder pain

Osteopathy & Sports Injuries: Laying the Groundwork

Osteopaths often treat sports-related injuries and the treatment of these injuries are usually subsidised by ACC. Osteopathy is not only effective in treating sports injuries but also plays a role in preventing them (Draper-Rodi, J., et al., 2016). Athletes receiving osteopathic care reported quicker recovery times, reduced pain, and enhanced joint mobility compared to a control group (Crow, E., Jeannot, E., & Trewhela, A., 2017). Osteopathy can also benefit faster muscle recovery and reduced soreness in athletes compared to not receiving such interventions (Hing, W., Reid, D., & Monaghan, M., 2019).

Osteopathy West Auckland Sports injury

Osteopathy & Arthritic Pain: Getting Older Doesn't Have To Be Painful

While osteoarthritis remains incurable, osteopathy has potential in improving the quality of life and mobility for affected patients (Degenhardt, B. F., et al., 2007). Findings suggested that osteoarthritis patients undergoing OMT can experience significant reductions in pain, improved joint function, and an overall enhanced quality of life compared to the control group (Licciardone, J. C., 2013). Research has also demonstrated similar benefits when treating rheumatoid arthritis, with osteopathic interventions being able to provide pain relief and enhance joint mobility (Andrianova, I. V., & Egan, M., 2017).

Osteopathy West Auckland arthritis pain

Shockwave Therapy: Get Moving Again With Modern Treatment Options

Shockwave Therapy is a relatively new and modern addition to the osteopath’s toolkit here at our clinic in West Auckland and is gaining massive traction. Research has confirmed its efficacy in treating conditions like tendinopathies, plantar fasciitis & chronic lower back pain. (Rompe, J. D., et al., 2009). Shockwave therapy has also seen use in managing arthritic pain at our West Auckland clinic. A study in the Journal of Orthopaedic Research indicated that patients with knee osteoarthritis who underwent Shockwave therapy reported reduced pain and improved joint function (Wang, C. J., et al., 2008).

Shockwave Therapy West Auckland injury

Finding the Best Osteopath West Auckland:

Considering the research-backed benefits of osteopathy, individuals are encouraged to find the best osteopath Auckland has to offer. Prioritise clinics that align with affiliations like Southern Cross Osteopath and ACC for assurance of quality care. We are proud to be offering osteopathic services and shock wave therapy to West Auckland and the wider Auckland region.

Osteopathy West Auckland Local Osteopathy


Jonathan Hall M.Ost, GradDipHeal, BAppSci (HB)

Jonathan Hall is the founder and principle Osteopath at Movement Mechanics Osteopathy, and specialises in Shockwave Therapy. A fully qualified Osteopath and currently studying Western Medical Acupuncture out of AUT New Zealand, Jonathan founded Auckland Shockwave Therapy to help bring evidence-based Shockwave treatment to New Zealand using the industry leading EMS Radial Shock Wave device.

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